We aim to Educate
and Train the clients

We, at UMAS, believe in contributing to the society with the acquired knowledge and are passing it on through various training sessions and classes. Since 2007, UMAS has been committed to enabling organizations to reach the next level of productivity, effectiveness, and operational optimization. Being nation's only MOST® Trainer and Distributor, we take the responsibility of spreading the knowledge and help others with our heritage expertise.

MOST® Training Program: Conducting by Mr. Ashok Badve at SIEMENS INDIA LTD.

UMAS is the only Accenture(Maynard) authorized trainer and applicator of the MOST® Work Measurement in INDIA

We aim to educate and train the clients in acquiring the knowledge about MOST and Industrial Engineering with the following objectives in mind:

  • Apply predetermined time values to activities from memory or from a data card according to the rules of Basic MOST® work measurement system

  • Observe operator activities and write accurate method descriptions using the work measurement system

  • Analyze work on the basis of moving objects using the MOST® work measurement system and software

  • Identify work measurement activities in terms of the basic sequence models for manual work: General Move, Controlled Move and Tool Use

With our interactive training sessions and program, clients shall be able to understand and use MOST® with complete efficiency. Manage and measure work methodologically and optimize time, costs and processes with the proficient expert training.

Expected Benefits to Client at the end of Program:

Enables you to analyze any type of manual work with one of the most efficient and widely used work measurement techniques

Provides you with a work measurement tool that is ‘method sensitive’ where the outcome of the analysis provides cues as to where there are opportunities for saving time, money and energy

Eliminates the subjectivity involved in performance rating of an activity since the MOST® work measurement technique is based on a 100% pace. MOST® can be applied in a fraction of the time it takes to perform traditional study or other predetermined systems

We use accurate and scientific methods to identify the right process flow and productivity levels, using which you can plan for efficient operations on the floor

UMAS training schedule

Training that   transforms


Basic Most


5 Days (Interactive)
Training Program


Mini Most


5 Days (Interactive)
Training Program


Maxi Most


5 Days (Interactive)
Training Program


Industrial Engineering Awareness Program


1 Day (Interactive)
Training Program