About Us

UMAS Pvt. Ltd. is the only authorized trainers, applicators and distributors of certified MOST® training programs(Basic, Admin, Mini, Maxi) and distributor for Standard Pro and MDAT™ Software Tool in India.

We are an Industrial Engineering Consulting Firm providing our clients with problem-solving expertise to address problems of defects, waste and poor efficiencies in operations.

Since 2007, UMAS has been committed to enabling organizations to reach the next level in productivity, effectiveness and optimization.


We Are Productivity Specialists

Our highly experienced consultants help companies improve workforce performance using the principles of MOST® (Maynard Operation Sequence Technique), a revolutionary improvement system that is said to be the fastest and most effective work measurement technique existing today.

A Focus On Operational Excellence

As the country’s premier MOST® Trainer and Distributor, we have worked with dozens of leading organizations in India – both manufacturing and service - to improve their operations. Our approach involves a deep grasp of our clients’ business processes and the challenges faced.

We have so far provided our consultancy expertise in more than 285+ projects in India & Asia Pacific. Our services spans Lean Six Sigma and MOST®, bringing to you access to best practices across these optimization approaches.

The UMAS Difference

Our driving principles

Grounds-up Yet
Holistic Approach

We seek to address business problems by ensuring that the right building blocks are in place all the while not forgetting overall business goals

Result Oriented

We don’t believe in giving general advice. Our recommendations are actionable and measurable, allowing our clients to see a visible improvement in their operations.

& Accurate

Our approach focuses on using scientific principles and proven techniques to enhance the productivity and efficiency of work center performance.

Savings &

Recommendations provided by our specialists typically target substantial cost savings and business value through transformative productivity improvements.

our guarantee

We Can Help You

Our team of experts have successfully completed Work Measurement and Industrial Engineering related projects in diverse industry verticals, a few of them being Automobiles, Machine Tools, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Forging, Hospitals, Banking, Hotels, Retail, Warehousing, etc.

We also undertake training programs in MOST® & Lean approaches empowering our clients’ staff in continuing on the path of process improvement and operational excellence.

Who are we?

Our Team

Mr Ashok Badve


Ashok has more than 46 years of operational and consulting experience in the areas of Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering. He pioneered the concept of MOST® in 1994, India. In his sprawling career he has served various organizations like MES (Military Engineering Services), Durgapur Steel Ltd., Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (Tractor & Auto Divisions) and Bajaj Auto Ltd. in various Senior Management positions in Human Resource Development and Industrial Engineering.

Mr Rahul Badve

Principal Consultant

Rahul has more than 14 years of consulting experience, in the areas of Industrial Engineering. He was previously working with Pferd Tools Pvt. Ltd., a 100% EOU of August Ruggeberg, a German company who are world leaders in manufacturing of Engineering Files & Rasps, as Production Engineer. He now leads and supervises the Consulting Projects at UMAS and plays an active role in strategizing new product introductions and Business Growth initiatives along with successful Project implementations.

Mr Atul

Principal Consultant

Atul has more than 14 years of operational and consulting experience in the areas of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. He leads the Consulting, Business Development and Training teams at UMAS. Specialized in operational Excellence and Lean transformation. Leading various Green field projects, Innovation, New product introductions and Business Growth initiatives. Worked extensively in various projects on Profitability Enhancement, Product and Process Innovations, Plant Capacity Assessment and Enhancement.

Ms Prajakta Mate

Director (Finance)

Prajakta has 11 years of experience in the field of Finance and Project Management. Assists in the development and implementation of goals, policies, priorities, and procedures relating to financial management, budget, and accounting. Develops project plans; Coordinates projects; Communicates changes and progress; Completes projects on time and budget; Manages project team activities.Fosters quality focus in the team; Improves processes, products and services.