Operational Readiness

Expansions, a new greenfield project or a transition –the complexity involved in such large initiatives makes it essential to have the right implementation support to be successful from day one, even if well executed.

By having operational readiness support, you will be able to eliminate productivity losses, employee frustration and delays. As experts in work measurement and optimization UMAS can provide comprehensive support for ensuring that the rollout of operations is predictable and seamless.


Operational Readiness

The growing emphasis on business agility in today’s dynamic environment may well push for speedy implementation, but a systematic and exhaustive preparatory plan boosts the chances of success by eliminating missteps and allowing for appropriate preparation for all contingencies.

Strategic operational readiness plans incorporate steps that map out the processes covered along with quality controls and cost-benefit assessments. Our experts will work closely with you to collect in-depth data, develop process maps and carry out work measurement in order to clearly lay down a blueprint for success:

  • ERP/APO Implementation- Ground work data collection and Readiness

  • ERP/APO Implementation – ROI assessment and bottom line benefit calculation

  • Validation studies for Cycle Time and Work Content of all operations

  • Operations Process Mapping

  • Recording of FMEA & Control Plans for critical operations

  • Evaluation and Recommendations for Corrective Action

The UMAS Difference

Our   Expertise, Experience and Approach

As your partner, UMAS brings its decades of experience to be leveraged for creating a fool proof plan for your next big launch. We have the experience of assisting large and small companies, across industries in successfully transitioning to new facilities or arrangement.

The UMAS difference lies in:

Data Driven

Our readiness plans are built after a thorough data gathering exercise which accurately provides the inputs to create plans for critical operations


We look at the entire set of activities and build a plan that will ensure that operations get off the ground with minimal delays or issues.

Detailed Recommendations

We build our recommendations using best practices from related techniques like Six Sigma to suggest you the most comprehensive optimization solution.


We use accurate and scientific methods to identify the right process flow and productivity levels, using which you can plan for efficient operations on the floor

our guarantee

Support that   Delivers Success

Get operationally ready for a significant organizational change with a plan that safeguards against errors, variation or waste. By planning with care ahead of time organizations see better impact from their investment and massive savings.

Validated processes for high productivity

Smooth ERP/APO transition

Clear process roadmap for future state

Control plans for risk mitigation

With our expertise, you can be confident of making a smooth transition with minimal hiccups & productivity losses

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