LeMW – Most

Streamline production and office processes by using a powerful combination of process improvement techniques from three well-established methodologies– Lean, Six Sigma, Most (Maynard Operation Sequence Technique).

UMAS, a well-established practitioner of all three tools, can bring you exceptional and transformational results - an average 30 percent improvement in productivity delivered – by leveraging proven techniques for fundamentally improving the functioning of your production floor or office.



For organizations, the relentless pressure is to improve efficiencies to deliver higher profitability. LeanSixSigma MOST® delivers process improvements eliminating waste, variation and quality issues with minimal capital inputs. While all three seek to remove waste and optimize operations, the approach varies. Using them in conjunction enables a comprehensive 360 degree assessment & re-tuning of processes, resulting in substantial productivity gains.

At UMAS we offer both training and consultancy services to organizations:

  • Consultancy in Lean – MOST®

Our specialized consultants deploy our proprietary three-phased framework to tackle business challenges. We carefully map and measure the existing processes and establish the standards using MOST®. We then analyze and optimize the processes for defects, delays, low standardization & utilization, and variation - improving overall process capability and stability.In the final stage the entire process is recreated and synchronized according to the Value Chain to ensure the highest levels of efficiency.

The UMAS Difference

Our   Expertise, Experience and Approach

Having delivered measurable change across major companies in several industries –manufacturing & services – we have the expertise to transform your operations. Our LeMW- MOST® advisory service carries out a thorough assessment through value mapping and work measurement, to accurately identify productivity leakages in the value chain.

The UMAS difference lies in:


Combining Lean, Six Sigma and MOST® gives us a unique & thorough perspective of how a process can be redesigned for better efficiency.


Having delivered projects successfully in large and small organizations, we have the expertise to modify and apply the scientific techniques to every business situation.

Actionable problem solving

Our deliverables are solutions that are focused on improving on-ground functioning. We identify the root cause issues and create plans to eliminate them.


The end-results are measurable through metrics like MOP™ Calculation that clearly allow you to see the change in the workforce performance & process functioning.

Business Optimization and Peak Performance

Support that   Delivers Success

Our rigorous methodology is geared towards identifying areas of improvements using the best suited technique depending on the business challenge. We bring together best practices from different systems to deliver visible productivity gains across your operations – whether shop floor or back office.

Reduced wastage & higher quality

Improved process cycle time

Standardized Processes

Higher ROI with Cost savings

With the expertise of UMAS practitioners, you can see radically improved operations and an empowered workforce.

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