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SCMTMSupply Chain Management

SCM is the most important business functions in today’s competitive global businesses. Supplying the right product at the tight time with the right cost is the simple mantra for surviving. SCM practices help organizations to achieve these efficiencies with least wastage.

The management of the flow of goods and services, involves the movement and storage of raw materials, of work-in-process inventory, and of finished goods as well as end to end order fulfillment from point of origin to point of consumption.


Supply Chain Management

UMAS consultant gives SCM services for to meet consumer demand for guaranteed delivery of high quality and low cost with minimal lead time. We help enterprises create and manage high-performing, resilient supply chains that drive sustained, profitable growth, even in the face of sudden, dramatic change. We use various forecasting methods such as qualitative, quantitative, time series and regression, based on your specific business needs, to ensure that you get more accurate and reliable forecasts.

UMAS offers a comprehensive portfolio of supply chain management services that help reducing operational costs, improving efficiency, reduce order time.

  • Effective supply chain management to improve product flow through accurate demand and sales forecasting and also improve inventory management and avoid underproduction. SCM also minimizes delays and allows full traceability and visibility into the movements of goods from the supplier to the customer.

  • IT facilitates and optimizes the flow of products, information, and finances, allowing companies to create better relationship value. It also enables accurate, timely, complete, and relevant information flow to avoid missed opportunities and possible risks.

The UMAS Difference

Our   Expertise, Experience and Approach

UMAS consulting services help enterprises create and manage high-performing, resilient supply chains that drive sustained, profitable growth, even in the face of sudden, dramatic change. Help you for cost reduction (across the supply chain); improved customer service; better asset utilization; more accurate forecasting; and proactive identification of potential supply chain risks.

The UMAS difference lies in:

Thorough Process
Data Collection

UMAS uses a full range of proven data management techniques to capture the correct data accurately, minimize redundancy and reduce inconsistency.


The analysis, evaluated against industry and global best practices and benchmarks, will help identify gaps in performance and potential areas of improvement that will be addressed to meet the client’s strategic plan.


The high volatility in the global business environment makes it necessary for supply chains to be more agile and resilient. And to achieve that, supply chain leaders need greater supply chain visibility for timely and effective decision-making.


We measure success using a full range of quantitative and qualitative metrics, which together provide not just insights, but an actionable road map from current state to the desired future state.


Results that   transform

Our experts will help you redesign your supply chain operations and processes to ensure effective implementation of your supply chain strategies. UMAS can help you develop and implement highly effective supply chain strategies that deliver results.

Correct sequencing of workstations and centres

Best possible utilization of labour force and plant resources

Low operator frustration

Improved quality and speed of production

Use our extensive expertise to get a cost-efficient production design for your plant floor.

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