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MOPTMMeasure of Performance

A clear understanding of the issues existing in a process is fundamental for a successful process improvement project. Having the right data on hand makes the road to productivity and efficient operations much more clear.

As successful practitioners of MOST® (Maynard Operation Sequence Technique), UMAS uses the precise tool of MOP™ (Measure of Performance) to gain clarity on current productivity levels & losses, existing engagement levels of the associates, and work center effectiveness.


Measure of Performance (MOP)

Our consultants observe and map out every process using the scientific principles of MOST® to evaluate current performance. The data recorded by MOP™ software helps organization to assess the daily workforce performance of workers, whether at an office department or a plant.

For every process, MOP™ enables capturing of granular data on the time taken by each type of activity, the movements involved and the work content. This facilitates an objective assessment of workforce productivity and efficiency. The flexibility of the tool allows its deployment in a variety of business settings and industries.

  • Assess loss in activities across 16 standard loss types

  • Capture engagement of the associates through production/frequency of activities & workforce strength

  • Evaluates centrewise OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

  • Manpower /Capacity Planning for target engagement levels & business demand

  • Direct labour conversion cost movement vis-à-vis MOPTM

  • Future-state MOP™ Calculations and productivity monitoring

The UMAS Difference

Our   Expertise, Experience and Approach

We have deployed our powerful analytical approach to bring about demonstrable improvement in productivity - up to 30 percent – in several large and small organizations. MOP™ is a powerful tool to lay the foundation for successful process improvement and allows for tracking productivity on an ongoing basis

The UMAS difference lies in:

Accurate and

The MOP™ has been established as one of the most accurate tools to measure process performance, generating reliable time data for all types of processes.

Data Based

Using MOP™-generated data, our consultants will able to develop suitable plans that deliver the ideal state for your processes as well as your workforce performance.

Fast Automated

As an online tool, MOP™ can be deployed with ease, capturing process metrics with accuracy. Usable for current state & future state productivity calculation.


Can be used to measure workforce engagement levels, work center effectiveness, capacity planning and productivity losses, making it pivotal for process improvement

Minimize Losses and Maximize Productivity

Results that   transform

With the use of MOP™ UMAS will be able to provide you with measurable data that can help you understand how your processes are functioning and arrive at essential steps that are needed for improving the functioning of your operations.

Clear Measurement of process performance

Reduced waste in processes

Better Work center efficiency

Intelligent capacity planning

Gain in-depth understanding of how your operations can be enhanced for better effectiveness.

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