PVATMProcess Value Analyzer

In a typical operational process, value adding steps, those that make it valuable to the customer or the business, often get buried in wasteful activities that cost time and money. Businesses looking to boost productivity and improve flow/load balancing must seek to eliminate such bottlenecks.

UMAS leverages a proprietary tool to carry out an in-depth analysis of a process, allowing the mapping of Value being added at each stage in office-based processes. The technique is used in conjunction with MOST® operations, capturing critical information on the process.


Process Value Analyzer (PVA)

Value stream mapping brings clarity on how well a process is functioning, uncovering the steps that may not be adding value. UMAS consultants use this understanding to create future state processes that help in improving engagement and productivity across board.

The PVA™ offering by UMAS is a comprehensive reassessment of the flow of a process:

  • As-Is Process Maps are established for all processes. Work content along with Frequency and employee details are attached to these maps

  • To–Be Process Maps are developed eliminating the Non Value Added activities

  • Load analysis is performed to estimate average load of employees in office area

  • Once To – Be Process Maps are implemented, a revised Position Description and Job Description is generated based on various criteria

The UMAS Difference

Our   Expertise, Experience and Approach

UMAS has successfully deployed this tool in support functions like Finance, Materials and Stores for its clients. The optimization approach removes time spent on NVA activities, focusing on those that add value to customer. Potential improvement in process and engagement time can be more than 35%.

The UMAS difference lies in:


UMAS has a unique Value Stream Mapping tool that is linked with the scientific methodology of MOST® allowing for accurate recording of the process steps.

Process Assessment

Our approach makes a thorough assessment of the current state of the process - capturing details of work content, frequency and employee allocation.

Data Driven
Process Redesign

Any process redesign and load rebalancing is carried out only based on input generated by the exhaustive Value Stream mapping exercise.

Expertise Across

We have wide experience in utilizing the MOST® and Lean philosophy is in different settings – organization size, manufacturing & office allowing a comprehensive perspective

Identifying & Focussing On Value Addition in Processes

Results that   transform

As an expert in leveraging problem-solving methodologies of MOST ® and Lean Six Sigma, UMAS has the expertise and experience in delivering measurable improvement and optimization in processes. Our clients have seen the benefits of streamlining office-based processes and eliminating all forms of waste thus achieving measurable efficiencies.

Improved Workforce engagement

Better Process Productivity

Reliable And Timely Process Outputs

Higher Profitability

Take the opportunity to drive efficiency across your organization with our experience in PVA™ & MOST®

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