PDMSTMProcess Data Management System

Building and sustaining an efficient process requires a deep understanding of how well it is functioning as well as identifying bottlenecks hampering productivity. A step-by-step assessment can add valuable inputs towards eliminating waste, defects and variation.

As a premier practitioner of MOST® (Maynard Operation Sequence Technique), UMAS uses its scientific and accurate tools like Process Data Management System (PDMS) to map out the process metrics in time and motion and uses it to create a lean, streamlined and efficient process.


Process Data Management System

PDMS™ is a pivotal step in the process improvement approach. UMAS deploys MDAT™ - MOST® Data Acquisition Tool – in the process of developing Routing data by Operation – a process sheet that captures detailed information on how a process is performing on key parameters.

The Tool is highly effective in solving different Industrial Engineering problem as it correctly identifies the issues surrounding the routing or the flow of a process. It can be applied across manufacturing and services industries.

The MDAT™ allows for attaching of visual documentation such as photos and videos to showcase the step. This is highly useful for training operatives on the right workflow. The process sheet containing all relevant data connects routings to the mapped parameters for the operations, allowing for generation of SOP that include complex steps like child parts, revisions based on tools/gauges.

The detailed process mapping and data collection is vital to developing a final process state that is profitable.

The UMAS Difference

Our   Expertise, Experience and Approach

With our expertise in process improvement we have leveraged MOST® on operational processes within dozens of organizations who have benefitted from an average 30 percent increase in productivity. We use a holistic perspective to suggest improvements in Layouts, Capacity Planning, Workforce Utilization, and Corrected Routings.

The UMAS difference lies in:

Thorough Process
Data Collection

The MDAT™ is a highly precise and dependable tool that gathers minute data on every step of the process mapping the activity, the time taken and the physical movements involved


MDAT™ can deployed flexible allowing for use in production floors, back offices, or service operations. Using value streaming we can identify and solve several typical bottlenecks & identify Value Added Work Content

Data Driven

Our recommendations are holistic and use the data gathered to create a future state process that is not only free of waste or delays but that also increases workforce engagement


As people who have delivered productivity benefits in a range of operations, UMAS consultants know how to leverage MOST® and its systems best for improved processe

Productivity Benefits with High ROI

Results that   transform

UMAS PDMSTM allows you to qualitatively sequence of work content in a process, streamlining & standardizing it for efficient workflow and improving workforce allocation as well. The end result is optimal use of people, space, and equipment.

Better quality outputs

Better capacity planning

Improved work allocation

Improved profitability

Create a shop floor that is scientifically designed for highest productivity.

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