UMAS Service Offering –Operations Consulting

The competitive and always under pressure manufacturing environment of today requires that companies have operational processes that are efficient and highly productive.

Being lean and continuously incorporating improvements is an essential factor for manufacturers to remain profitable and ahead of competition.

UMAS can help you in your journey to operational excellence. Using our Operations Consulting advisory services, organizations have seen a quantum jump in labor productivity and increased workforce utilization.


Operational Consulting

As the country’s premier practitioners of MOST® (Maynard Operation Sequence Technique) we use this scientific and accurate technique to identify improvement areas in your production floor. MOST has a strong correlation with Lean, Six-Sigma, and key Statistical tools, which when used together delivers significant transformation in process capability and productivity.

Our experienced consultants will work with you to carefully evaluate and map current processes using specialized tools, and then carrying out in-depth analyses of activities and their timings to develop recommendations that will ultimately lead to optimization of your processes, minimization of waste & strain and overall improvement in quality.

Our advisory services include:

  • Training on Basic and Mini MOST®

  • Continuous monitoring of productivity

  • Capacity Analysis

  • Inventory Optimization

  • Work Measurement using MOST® & Workforce Productivity Improvement

  • Assembly Line Balancing

  • Facility Layout Planning – 3 D Layouts, Animation

  • Method Study and Work Place Improvement using 5’S’

  • Manufacturing / Service Operations Simulation

  • Activity Based Management / Costing


Our   Expertise, Experience and Approach

We have successfully completed numerous projects for a range of clients across various industries including: Manufacturing like Automotive, Electrical, Rubber and Services like IT, Airlines or Hospitality. Our work has typically resulted in productivity benefits of over 50+ percent for the organizations.

The UMAS difference lies in:

Robust data-driven,
Meticulous approach

Using Work Measurement and Value Stream Mapping we create work standards that deliver clear direction and well-defined tasks, improving engagements.


Our grounds-up methodology focuses on providing recommendations that result in Improved Layouts, corrected routings and reduced delays & bottlenecks.

Holistic &
Multi-tool approach

We build our recommendations using best practices from related techniques like Six Sigma to suggest you the most comprehensive optimization solution.


We use MOP calculations to measure workforce performance, helping in nderstanding overall effectiveness of a work center and managing capacity, etc.


Results that   transform

You bank on having operations running at peak performance for sustained profitability. At UMAS, our aim is to qualitatively change the performance of your operations and the efficacy of your workforce. By implementing our optimizing recommendations, you will experience several benefits:

Reduced cost and wastage

Better quality of products

Reduced delays in production

More effective workforce

Leverage our expertise to see how you can bring these benefits to your organization.